Saturday, February 6, 2010

Patch It Club (1)

"Patch It".....that's what our hearts and souls need at times...just a little patching. The purpose of this Gathering is not a cure, but just a little time out in today's hectic pace. Life gives us challenges, and at times, it seems more than we can take, but yet as we go further on our paths, we realize that life lesson were learned. It's sometimes hard to face these new lessons, but we are all here for a reason; a journey, a path. If you have reached that point that nothing seems "worth it" PLEASE seek professional help! If you just need a little patching, read on!

When my Mother was a little girl, (back in the 1920's) they lived on a farm. My grandparents were farmers and school teachers. Times were hard, and money was short! (sound familiar?) I believe the biggest difference in then and today was a sense of community. The community was the wagon hub, and families were the spokes that made "life" work. Neighbors reached out to each other, and they shared what little they had. I have grown up with stories from that time and that community. The club name, "Patch It" comes from my uncle. He was once given a jacket..the "most beautiful jacket" he had ever seen! It was homemade and a hand me down from someone in the community. It was made of wool with little colored threads woven in the gray background, and it was riddled with moth holes. The holes didn't seem to matter to him because he turned to his Mom (my grandmother) and said, "Patch it, Mama, just patch it!" She did....and he wore it everyday that winter..and the next winter, too! It was then passed along to another family..with a few new patches. Whenever things in my life come unraveled, "Patch It, Just Patch It!" comes to mind.

The Patch It Club had its first meeting last Thursday night. It was a rainy and cold night, but yet we met. I believe that there is a need for this club...maybe my belief is so strong because I lost my sister, Cheryl last fall. It was such a shock. She had always been so health conscious, but yet in late September, she got sick..and was soon diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite yearly check ups, the cancer had grown and it took her life one month later. I had stayed with her and her husband for that last month, and I watched as she grew weaker and weaker. The feeling of helplessness and seeing her pain increase daily still haunts me. Sadness, anger, and guilt that "I am still here and she's gone" have all been emotions that I have felt..and I am still feeling. I have struggled with it, and our 93 year Mother is also struggling.

Hospice has offered counseling and support groups. I soon realized that although I felt alone, there are many right around me that are also struggling and suffering with loss, addiction, depression, problems, and they, too, are feeling all alone. Our group does not demand that you share..if you want to, that's fine, but we will share our time and friendship and give you places to go for help and numbers to call..and we'll offer a LIFE line...and a couple of hours to talk and do some projects. I brought out my new boxes of crayons, scissors, and paper at our first meeting, and they inspired hidden talents, and best of all, they sparked laughter!

Join us every first Thursday night from 7 PM - 9PM. We will have guest speakers from time to time, but most of the time, we'll just do a little patching. Our next meeting, we'll plant a few flower and vegetable seeds. They will be yours to keep and nurture and plant in your own garden, and we'll also walk the trails here at The Cabin Path as the days get longer and the temps get warmer. Tell your friends, bring a friend, and hopefully, the Patch It Club will make a difference!