Friday, March 5, 2010

Patch It Club (6)

Thursday, I resumed workshops at The Cabin Path...including the Home School Workshop Thursdays. It's been a long winter. Late last fall, I lost my only sister to ovarian cancer. I stayed with her and her husband that last month when she went home under Hospice. I had cancelled all of my busiest time with Native American units, and pioneer days at the log cabin. I also cancelled the Thanksgiving Cabin Dinner, a fun, but realistic event with a deep appreciation for pioneers times! I decided to shut down through the winter...a time to heal for me and our family, including our 93 year old Mother.

Winter in Atlanta has been extra cold and snowy this year! I'm sure our northern neighbors only laugh, but it seems to go on and on! It snowed again on Tuesday, and my workshops began on Thursday. I almost cancelled again..I felt I had lost my groups...they had found other places to was too cold...all the excuses I heard parents make when I would invite them to workshops! I decided to have the workshop anyway.

Cold, windy morning...but our group grew and grew! Old friends and NEW faces, and many with questions like, "Will there be any snakes?? I don't like snakes!" I soon found myself totally enthralled with my love of nature and its wonder...explaining that most snakes are more afraid of us, and they could feel vibrations in our footsteps long before we would see them. We walked the trails and discovered signs of spring, and when asked if they wanted to take the short trail and head back to the Gathering Room, parents and children all voted to go on! We saw deer, squirrels, and birds. We saw animal homes and sat and listened to the trees swaying in the wind and the bird songs that seemed to surround us...It was a magical time that renewed us all. One Mother even remarked, "I didn't even think I liked the outside!"

Back to the Gathering Room, we talked about more about plants and the importance of saving and protecting habitats. They all want to come back to see more animals and the new wildflowers and watch for leaves..and yes, even snakes! They all taught me today. It was a wonder-filled day. I realized that the very thing I had been avoiding was the most important thing that I needed. Yes, the Workshops at The Cabin Path are back, and I'M BACK, and I felt my sister right there with us!